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PRICE LIST – Robert Wilkinson’s Graphic Design

Creating an Ala Carte price list for something like websites & graphic design can be difficult. Every project is different and requires more or less time to accomplish; however, I will try to provide the approximate cost for the most common of design types. Feel free to contact me by cell 678-701-7809 to get your Free quote for your next project.

(As a competitive company we offer to beat any other legitimate professional company’s bid by 10% off their total)

Graphic Design Price list.

In general, I charge $45 per 1hr of my work and will require a minimum of 1 hour for most projects. For Major Projects like Web Sites, etc. a payment of half the estimated project’s total is required before the project is actually begun.

Type of graphic design:


(Approx.) Time to accomplish

(approx.) Price

logo design



business card


$45 – $90

site & floor plan


$90 – $180

signs & banners


$45 – $90



$45 – $90

restaurant menus


$90 – $135

greeting cards


$45 – $90



$45 – $90






$45 – $90

flyers, show-sheets


$45 – $135

property color renderings



$90 – $135

Website Design & Publishing Price list.

  • Domain Name $20 / year
  • Web Hosting Plans – starting at $150 / year
  • Set up fee $200 – That includes:
    – Setup and configuration of Domain Name, Web Hosting Servers, Email Addresses, Forms etc.
    – General Design of Homepage, Website Graphics, Page Layout, Colors, Themes and Entire Site Navigation.
  • After setup is complete:
  • $45 per page of your website (Graphic, text and photo composition for each page)
  • $60 per Photo Gallery Design
  • $70/h for any animation embedded into your website (Flash banners, opening movies, animated navigation, video presentations)
  • E-commerce online store set up pricing will be upon individual job estimations (Store-front layout, graphics and configuration, account setup, payment methods, product categories, shipping etc.)
  • $45/h E-commerce: products update (images, prices, description etc.) or any changes to the online store after it is published
  • $45/h any update / small redesign to your website after it is published.
  • $150 per Java script slide show (do not require any additional plug-inns like Flash Viewer or QuickTime VR at the client side, can be linked to any website, document or photo gallery)
  • $120 Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and search engine submission

Personal CARE service: $60-120/Month or $1200/year (save $240)

Service includes:

  • Content updates and changes to your website
  • Tech support for any technical issue you may have
  • Constant content and keyword optimization, search engine submission
  • Smart reciprocal link exchange
  • Small website redesigns and graphic updates

Can’t find your web designer when you need him? Let Me take CARE of your business website – updates, maintenance, graphic design or redesigns! Out of state out of the country or Local to Metro Atl, either way, I can take care of all your graphic & website needs.

I am a client dedicated, professional programmer and designers that is always here when you need me! (678) 701-7809

The WebSite Update & Maintenance Plan:

A website maintenance plan is an excellent way of keeping your website up to date and in perfect shape, while keeping your costs to a minimum. It is also a great way of ensuring you will be able to get help when you need it. A website is a dynamic piece of software running on a server. Aside from general updating, your site also requires regular scheduled maintenance to ensure your website’s availability and performance. My CARE plans are tailored for every client based on their needs.

Why do I need a maintenance plan for my website?

Having a maintenance plan gives you peace of mind knowing your site is in good hands and well taken care of. Your site will be regularly checked, optimized, backed up and re-design if needed. A professional designer and webmaster will be assigned to your website, becoming familiarized with it so as to ensure faster and more efficient updates and optimizations are done when needed.

Local CARE benefits:

  • In Person, Free consultation (Gainesville Ga.- Metro Atlanta Ga.)
  • On Site assistance with photographs, images and graphic design.
  • Personal care from a dedicated and professional designer.
  • Guaranteed availability of service when needed without delay!
  • Higher priority over other clients
  • One of the BEST prices on internet!

Regular website CARE tasks include:

  • Optimizing page content for major search engines for better web visibility
  • Optimizing page content and graphics for fast loading
  • Creating regular site backups so your crucial internet business files will never get lost!
  • Providing design, photography and publishing services in Metro Atl and North Ga. – Locally, In Person – When Needed!
  • Updating website information, products, services, pictures & graphics
  • Other requested tasks (i.e. Smart Link Exchange, Search Engine Submission, Web Monitoring etc.)

Content and Payment Options

This advice page for web design and graphic art services includes content advice and payment options for design services.

Payment and Process for Contracting My Services

Payment Terms

Payment for all paid marketing advice, web design, and graphic art services is in advance of beginning your project. Depending on how quickly you provide content or the nature of your project, most designs are completed within 2-3 days for business cards and post cards, 1-2 weeks for other art including brochures, and subject to agreements on all other work. Do NOT send payment for any project until we have an agreement in place via email or on the phone.

Payment Methods

For larger projects like paid marketing advice or web design, you may use PayPal for secure online payment including most major credit cards, or mail a company or personal check for the full amount if less than $500. Projects will be added to my chalk board, and then actual work scheduled upon receipt of full payment required to begin.

Client Approval Process for Web Design and Artwork Designs

Final artwork and web design work is subject to your approval, so completion may depend on timely review and approval of artwork, or requests for changes. Proofs for approval may be uploaded or emailed to you for review and approval, or suggestions for change.

Note: As a no-charge courtesy for printed marketing materials, I will forward artwork to your printer of choice. Approval in writing by email is required before orders are forwarded.

Special Notes About Approvals and Errors

While every attempt is made to create accurate designs without spelling or phone number errors, the client is responsible for proof reading all designs. Online web site text errors are easily corrected; however, errors in printed materials remain the responsibility of the client without exception.

Important: For graphic artwork designs, clients may request up to two minor revisions without additional charge, so carefully consider your needs up front to avoid added design cost.

  • Minor changes are slight adjustments of text content, or moving objects in the design.
  • Major changes include photo edit, photo replacement, or significant text changes.
    Advice for Submitting Client Provided Content

Customer Provided Content and Copyright

The customer by placing an order for design services unconditionally guarantees that they own the copyright, or have permission from the copyright holder, of any content they furnish including text, graphics, photographs, audio, video, designs, trademarks, or artwork submitted for use in the website, multimedia, or printed marketing material project.

Design services are provided as an independent contractor, and projects are therefore not “work for hire” as would be the case using a direct employee. As the creative design service provider, Robert Wilkinson retains all rights to any original design of graphics, video production, or programming code created on behalf of the customer. Therefore, customer rights of ownership are limited to fair use of designs in the original intended use only, whether in print or online.

Text Content

For cards, brochures, and web sites including company name, your name, title, phone numbers, addresses, web or email address, and information about your business, should be sent in “plain text” or “ASCII” text. Standard email uses ASCII, so copy text into the body of an email (not an attachment), and send to me.

Your software should have an option to save your file as “plain text” or “ASCII” which you can ““cut and paste” into an email. Check the Help option of your software for instructions on cut and paste. ( Ctrl+C to copy & Ctrl+V to paste your highlighted content in Windows)
If you only have a printed version of your content, additional fees may apply to convert it to digital text.

Special Note About Text Content

Often text content is one of the most difficult aspects of helping your designer. Many small business owners know their business inside and out, but have trouble documenting this information. Writing skills and perfect content or spelling are NOT necessary. For each section of your project it will often be enough to write a list of bullets or phrases that describe what you do and the benefit to your customers. I’ll will take care of the rest.


Photos may be emailed in JPG format only, and must be a minimum of 300 dpi resolution to be used for printing. Do not worry about the size of your photograph because bigger is better. I will resize photographs and the quality will be better if I have a large photo to begin.

For example, you may provide an 8 × 10 photo to be made smaller and placed on a business card ! As necessary, I will also edit photos, so if you have a quality photo with an inappropriate background, I can replace the background to make it appear as if taken in a professional studio.

I also specialize in photo retouching portraits for personal or business needs. My portrait retouching includes removal of any aging skin blemishes, wrinkles, weariness and eye & teeth whitening, etc..

Examples You Create

Home computer software programs are most likely done in a graphics program that I don’t own. Due to anti-virus security setups on my computer, I do not accept imbedded photo attachments in MicroSoft Word or any other publishing software. Please, if you have digital art you created make sure the file name ends in .eps, .jpg, or .tif before you send it.

Why is this? Most home software programs create 3-color artwork that looks good on your computer and prints well on your printer. Artwork for commercial printing is done with a 4-color process, so 99% of the time I don’t have the obscure software to open or view files unless you save them in eps, jpg, or tif.

Your Logo

If you have a logo already, it may be emailed in .EPS, .JPG, or .TIF format, and 300 dpi resolution. Web site versions of your logo cannot be used for printing cards or brochures because most are only 72 dpi. However, I can reproduce most logos unless they are extremely unique, so send whatever you have and we will go from there


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