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The job seeker

22 Oct

I know just how stressful it is looking for a new position in these hard times and the interviews can sometimes drive you crazy … Literally

So I thought this might cheer some of you up. Give you something to take that edge off for your next interview.

Be happy, at least you’re not THIS guy!

[Video HardLink – http://bit.ly/PM5qvY  ]

[Video HardLink – http://bit.ly/PM5OKL ]

Be sure to post your Interview or Interviewer blunders in the comments section! 


Share Facebook Statuses Easily With Status Snapper

25 May

Re-Blog: Share Facebook Statuses Easily With Status Snapper. 

Share Facebook Statuses Easily With Status Snapper | http://bit.ly/150ZbrR [Honhkiat]

Want to share a funny Facebook status but don’t want the profile picture or name revealed in the shot? Many users use colors to blot out the details, sometimes making a mess out of the image. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make this treatment as fast and as painless as possible?

We have found a handy Chrome extension called Status Snapper which not only helps you automatically blur out the profile picture and name, but also lets you capture and upload images up to Imgur without having to open up any other side applications…

Read Here to learn how to use it! 

after adding the Chrome Extension/
I turned this Facebook post


Into this …


http://i.imgur.com/t4eJqXJ.png So it’s so easy it also already hosted itself online for me to share!
2 clicks & done and done!

Check it out more here: Share Facebook Statuses Easily With Status Snapper | http://bit.ly/150ZbrR [Honhkiat]

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