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Student invents a way to fully charge a phone battery in less than one minute!

14 Jun

Student invents a way to fully charge a phone battery in less than one minute! 

ReBlog: Student invents a way to fully charge a phone battery in one minute | Digital Trends.

Google this amazing story – http://bit.ly/11zgj48 

Modern cell phones still take forever to charge, from a brisk but often still inconvenient 20 minutes to upwards of a full hour. So imagine how revolutionary a charger that’d do the job in less than half a minute might be.

And NOW just think about the implications – this technology could potentially release the tether electric cars have with charging so long thus moving us closer away from our dependency of fossil fuel.

18 Year Old Girl Invents 30 Second Cell Phone Charging

18 Year Old Girl Invents 30 Second Cell Phone Charging

You know the scenario. You’re getting ready to head out for a night on the town. Everything, for once, is going perfectly according to plan. You whip out your phone to let friends know you’re heading out, and that’s when you realize: whoops, forgot to charge the phone.

Inevitably, you’ll probably throw it on the charger for as many minutes as you can afford before heading out, but settle on the idea that you will be incommunicado during the latter portion of the night. That is, unless teenage innovator Eesha Khare’s creation sees the light of day. As told by SlashGear, the 18-year-old developed a means of fully charging a cellphone battery in — count ‘em — as little as 30 seconds.

Read more all about it: Student invents a way to fully charge a phone battery in one minute | http://bit.ly/13J1yhL [Digital Trends]
or 18-Year-Old Invents 30-Second Phone Charger | http://ti.me/13J1puI [TIME.com]


Get Your Twitter archive [Useful Overlooked Info]

9 Jun

Reblogged | Overlooked Info: Get Your Twitter archive | Twitter Blog. “UPDATED”

  If you tweet, then at some point you will found yourself wanting to go back in time and explore your past Tweets. Maybe you wanted to recall your reaction to the an election, reminisce on what you said to your partner on your anniversary or breakup, or just find your funniest past Tweets. We all at some point for many different reasons, would like to explore our Twitter past.

  Yes, there are many ‘twitter search engines‘ boasting to help find your old tweets easily but not one has worked well enough for me…or even been any less painful than scrolling 4+yrs back manually on my own..
So hopefully you will find today’s Reblogged/Post to have as much value as I have. Easily get and access your own Twitter Archive.

Ok, So here’s how you do it:

Today, we’re introducing the ability to download your Twitter archive, so you’ll get all your Tweets (including Retweets) going back to the beginning. Once you have your Twitter archive, you can view your Tweets by month, or search your archive to find Tweets with certain words, phrases, hashtags or @usernames. You can even engage with your old Tweets just as you would with current ones.

Go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom to check for the option to request your Twitter archive. If you do see it, go ahead and click the button. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access your archive when it’s ready for you to download.

After you get the .zip file sent in your email:

unzip/ and click open the “index.html” file


And it will open in your default browser just like a webpage. You now have the power to select what year & month & scroll to find tweets from your past.


if you plan to keep the unzipped folder in place on your hardrive (& aren’t afraid of prying eyes) go ahead and bookmark the the page in your browser for later use.

Goto the original post to read the rest. Rub Here> https://blog.twitter.com/2012/your-twitter-archive

As you go through all of your Tweets, share your favorites using #TwitterArchive.

ReBlogged: Via Original Post ~ Your Twitter archive|Twitter Blog | Wednesday, December 19, 2012 | By Mollie Vandor (@mollie)

Share Facebook Statuses Easily With Status Snapper

25 May

Re-Blog: Share Facebook Statuses Easily With Status Snapper. 

Share Facebook Statuses Easily With Status Snapper | http://bit.ly/150ZbrR [Honhkiat]

Want to share a funny Facebook status but don’t want the profile picture or name revealed in the shot? Many users use colors to blot out the details, sometimes making a mess out of the image. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make this treatment as fast and as painless as possible?

We have found a handy Chrome extension called Status Snapper which not only helps you automatically blur out the profile picture and name, but also lets you capture and upload images up to Imgur without having to open up any other side applications…

Read Here to learn how to use it! 

after adding the Chrome Extension/
I turned this Facebook post


Into this …


http://i.imgur.com/t4eJqXJ.png So it’s so easy it also already hosted itself online for me to share!
2 clicks & done and done!

Check it out more here: Share Facebook Statuses Easily With Status Snapper | http://bit.ly/150ZbrR [Honhkiat]

How To Get Your Plus Profile’s Vanity Name

15 Mar

How To: Get Your Google Plus Profile’s Vanity Name/URL:

(This Social Media Tip is beneficial for many Social Media Marketers, Brand Identity Companies, and of course the everyday Personal Users as well) 

Hi Kids. If you’re like me, you may have been a little disappointed about your G Plus profile’s link/URL.
And even maybe a little confused as to how to share your profile with all those ugly numbers for your URL and no place telling you how to identify you in the url on the profile settings.
So I did some research and found out some nice answers to help this problem.

This is especially annoying if you are a company or self brand because you most definitely want to use your Identity Brand Name or even your Personal Identity for your URL like Facebook has allowed and website name-servers.

In short, you want a ‘Vanity Name for your Plus Profile’. One that will to fit nicely into your Brand’s Identity to share what or who you are. I thought about making my own original URL myself on a web server and just making a fast redirect to my Google profile  that I could share with others, one that is nice & simple….and then I thought about maybe starting it as a service for others I know with the same desire…BUT then I found that someone already has! Thank Glob I dont have to do it myself! And so I thought it was about time since I was taking the day off, to share this tip with people who may not know about this.

So I am going to help a brother(or sister) out and tell you how you can easily claim your google plus profile vanity URL. UN-Like Facebook, Google plus currently does not support vanity urls. Just like pic below shows below:

In Facebook, we had an option to choose our own custom usernames.Google Plus currently shows a long numeric string of digits as our Plus profile URL which looks very ugly and our friends can’t even track us with that lengthy mash of numbers for a URL.
( Rub Here! on how to get your name in Facebook if you haven’t already)

So now there’s a crapload of applications for just this problem. Is “Crapload” one word? idk? doesn’t really matter I guess. Anyways, Yes, since the release of Google+ many apps have been setup and are competing over which of them can manage to register the most number of your G+ URL’s. So I’ve listed here the main ones.

Ok, I bet your ready to get started so here I go with the goods:

So here’s the list of services for you to choose from, just pick any url changing service. The only thing difference  about these options is their name’s, they all do the same thing.

The deal is simple. Simply visit your preferred site from the list above, enter your Google+ ID i.e. (JUST the numeric string of numbers) and then type in your Brand Name (or nickname for personal users) that you wish to assign as your google plus profile’s vanity URL. And then click Add.

Finally you get a nice looking URL that you can be proud of & share with you clients, colleagues, and friends. When your clients or friends click that link, they will ‘instantaneously’ get redirected to your google profile page and no one else is the wiser!

Sweet!, now you have your own sweet looking(or professional) Plus Profile Vanity URL right?!
Just like mine right here:
Before: https://plus.google.com/103718461397854296745/ 
After: http://gplus.to/blottermonkey

As you may notice I happen to use http://gplus.to but they all do the same thing, I just happen to like their name for my URL most. So take a minute and decide which company’s URL/name you would like best for YOUR URL Vanity name before your own?! if that made any sense. 

TIP:  if you ever forget your URL later they have the option to find it again for you, but more than likely it’s just your nickname added to the end of the company’s URL you used like example:  ” Blottermonkey” to http://gplus.to/ would be http://gplus.to/blottermonkey 

BTW: These services are not a product from Google. They are third-party applications that allows you to set a custom Google+/ Plus username/Vanity URL. Google+ will soon bring the vanity URL feature so keep your eye out when it comes. But until then, you now have options.


Blottermonkey’s FaceBook Cover Art Ps Template

15 Mar

Blottermonkey’s FaceBook Cover Art Ps Template



I put together a simplified Fb cover art template for Ps from other parts that I use for myself and tweaked it for sharing with others and so now i’m sharing it with all of you — This one should be easy enough for just about any level of Ps user to handle.

I endowed it with self revealing directions and steps where possible.
…plus I added the “Profile pic hack” Tips for help if you want interaction with your profile picture and the cover art, along with size tips along to help.
Here is the Folders:

I did what I could to simplify it for people of all (Ps) PhotoShop levels and set up slices, rulers and even place layers w instructions..

So hopefully it will make it fast and easy for you…
After opening choose to File/ ‘Place’ whatever picture you want into the template and size the area you want to show in the cover art layer to match size and shape that you desire, then select the correct slice to save for web and you will have your cover art.

  TIP: [Remember the slices tool] be sure to select the cover art slice before ‘save for web’, and ‘Selected Slices only‘ option to save time getting the artwork slice only, then repeat for the profile pic if want.. At worse you will save all parts & grab the one you want later. no biggie even for all levels of users.

  I put the slices in place but you can remake them if want to cover shape(cover area is self evident), you just have to select the correct slices before saving to get the right size and not end up saving everything else.

Here are some links for inspiration and tips: [Never forget to google 4tips or sizes whn lost]

UPDATE! FaceBook Pages: If you’re starting, revamping, or just thinking about a Fb Page for a Company, Fans, or anything crazy..
You’ll be interested in my Must Have Tips for Facebook Pages!

Make sure you drop by ‘Tips for Successful Facebook Timeline Fan Page Design'(Try to Say that fast!)

Back to Original Post!

I hope this helps.. For Pro Designers, Novice Art lovers, Do-It-Yourself-rs, anyone who wants more power over Fb design choices..


How To Get On Facebook At School Or Work If It Is Blocked

10 Dec

How To Get On Facebook At School Or Work If It Is Blocked

Has your school blocked facebook from the computers? Has your boss blocked facebook from the office computers?
Here are the best ways to get around your schools internet filter and any bans on the facebook.com website. Use these methods to get onto blocked facebook at school or in your office at work.

Method 1: Proxy Sites

The reason you cannot get on to Facebook at school is becuase your school’s network administrator has blocked the Facebook URL (the internet address).

One of the most common ways to get on facebook at school is to bypass the block using a proxy. A proxy allows you to surf the internet anonymously, meaning that your school’s computer network won’t see which sites you are on. Therefore they can’t block the sites that you visit through a proxy. The whole time you’re onFacebook, your school just sees that you’re on the proxy website.

The only problem is that when the network administrator’s see you using a proxy, they will most likely block the proxy as they know you’ll be using it to bypass their blocks. So you’ll find that each time you start using a proxy, it will get blocked as well.

However there are thousands of proxy sites on the internet so there should always be one that works.

A very good tip when using a proxy to get on facebook at school is to only use each one once and not to use them too often. If you use a proxy one day, use a different proxy the next day. That way, hopefully, your network administrator won’t realize you’re using one. Also, don’t tell too many of your friends about a proxy – the more people using a proxy, the higher chance of your school blocking it!

How to get on facebook at school or work using a proxy:

  1. Open up your normal internet browser on the computer.
  2. Go to one of the proxy websites.
  3. In the address bar on the proxy website, type: http://www.facebook.com
  4. Facebook should load up and you can use it as you usually would.

Some proxy sites that you can use to get on Facebook at school:

If all these proxies are blocked on your school’s network then search on Google for something like ‘new proxy sites’. There are new proxy sites made every day.

Proxies allow anyone to surf the web with a greater level of anonymity, privacy and security. Identifying information such as your IP address, location, operating system and browser type is removed by the web proxy site and the web site you are accessing observes the communication originating from the proxy site, not your computer. Another name is anonymous proxy, anonymizer or anonymizing proxy because it facilitates Internet browsing without revealing your identity, and Circumventer because it allows you to circumvent a college internet filter or company firewall.

Companies and schools like to prevent access to many websites but a proxy site will help you avoid being blocked by web filters if you are using an education or corporate network such as those at work, at college or school, public libraries, an office or internet cafe or anywhere that might have filtered internet connection. In short proxies allow you to bypass an Internet filter and firewall and defeat web site blocking policies.

You do not need to install any software to browse blocked websites, just visit a proxy site such as this and enter the web address. Unblock Bebo, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, eBay, Hi5, Amazon, GameSpot, Orkut, CNN, Yahoo, BBC, BlackPlanet, MTV, Blogger, Skyblog, Xanga, Netlog, live365, Ifilm, Tagged, Wikipedia, Craigslist, StupidVideos, Fotolog, FileCabi, Photobucket, Flickr, IMDB ImageShack, Pandora, 1.fm, Metacafe, Technorati. You can access any website that might be filtered by your company or university firewall such as games, news, social networking, shopping sites, video sharing, chat, music, and arcade websites can all be unblocked and accessed. Proxies allow you to surf any website you like!

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