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How To Get On Facebook At School Or Work If It Is Blocked

10 Dec

How To Get On Facebook At School Or Work If It Is Blocked

Has your school blocked facebook from the computers? Has your boss blocked facebook from the office computers?
Here are the best ways to get around your schools internet filter and any bans on the facebook.com website. Use these methods to get onto blocked facebook at school or in your office at work.

Method 1: Proxy Sites

The reason you cannot get on to Facebook at school is becuase your school’s network administrator has blocked the Facebook URL (the internet address).

One of the most common ways to get on facebook at school is to bypass the block using a proxy. A proxy allows you to surf the internet anonymously, meaning that your school’s computer network won’t see which sites you are on. Therefore they can’t block the sites that you visit through a proxy. The whole time you’re onFacebook, your school just sees that you’re on the proxy website.

The only problem is that when the network administrator’s see you using a proxy, they will most likely block the proxy as they know you’ll be using it to bypass their blocks. So you’ll find that each time you start using a proxy, it will get blocked as well.

However there are thousands of proxy sites on the internet so there should always be one that works.

A very good tip when using a proxy to get on facebook at school is to only use each one once and not to use them too often. If you use a proxy one day, use a different proxy the next day. That way, hopefully, your network administrator won’t realize you’re using one. Also, don’t tell too many of your friends about a proxy – the more people using a proxy, the higher chance of your school blocking it!

How to get on facebook at school or work using a proxy:

  1. Open up your normal internet browser on the computer.
  2. Go to one of the proxy websites.
  3. In the address bar on the proxy website, type: http://www.facebook.com
  4. Facebook should load up and you can use it as you usually would.

Some proxy sites that you can use to get on Facebook at school:

If all these proxies are blocked on your school’s network then search on Google for something like ‘new proxy sites’. There are new proxy sites made every day.

Proxies allow anyone to surf the web with a greater level of anonymity, privacy and security. Identifying information such as your IP address, location, operating system and browser type is removed by the web proxy site and the web site you are accessing observes the communication originating from the proxy site, not your computer. Another name is anonymous proxy, anonymizer or anonymizing proxy because it facilitates Internet browsing without revealing your identity, and Circumventer because it allows you to circumvent a college internet filter or company firewall.

Companies and schools like to prevent access to many websites but a proxy site will help you avoid being blocked by web filters if you are using an education or corporate network such as those at work, at college or school, public libraries, an office or internet cafe or anywhere that might have filtered internet connection. In short proxies allow you to bypass an Internet filter and firewall and defeat web site blocking policies.

You do not need to install any software to browse blocked websites, just visit a proxy site such as this and enter the web address. Unblock Bebo, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, eBay, Hi5, Amazon, GameSpot, Orkut, CNN, Yahoo, BBC, BlackPlanet, MTV, Blogger, Skyblog, Xanga, Netlog, live365, Ifilm, Tagged, Wikipedia, Craigslist, StupidVideos, Fotolog, FileCabi, Photobucket, Flickr, IMDB ImageShack, Pandora, 1.fm, Metacafe, Technorati. You can access any website that might be filtered by your company or university firewall such as games, news, social networking, shopping sites, video sharing, chat, music, and arcade websites can all be unblocked and accessed. Proxies allow you to surf any website you like!


How to Share MP3’s on Facebook and more:

8 Jun

How to Share MP3’s in Facebook and more…

[Some Fb Hacks Worth Knowing]

Share Your Music With Blottermonky’s MP3 Facebook Hack:

Want to feel smarter than your friends? Want to just feel? Well I can’t help you with any of that, But I can show you how to impress your friends by posting your favorite songs on FaceBook.
..or maybe for a self explanatory mood you want to express through music on your FB wall.

Ok it’s not as much a hack as it is just my own formula for sharing mp3s on Fb:
Lets say you want to share your favorite music on FB but don’t like those clunky YouTube videos on your wall?

Did you know you can share your music on FaceBook by using online MP3’s, and just by sharing the MP3 link on your FB wall or your friends FB walls?

I’m going to explain a few cool, free and easy ways to pull it off below…

If you already have your online MP3 music link just Copy & Paste it’s URL or “Hot Link” into the Share: Link option on your Facebook wall and click attach.

BlotterMonkey's MP3 Facebook Hack

Then click & change the title to whatever you would like and click Share.

BlotterMonkey's MP3 Facebook Hack

Now you have a cute little Play Button on your FB wall that plays your song.

BlotterMonkey's MP3 Facebook Hack

Note: For some reason some of you have to reload your own FB page in most old browsers to see it for yourself but the play song button has been attached & shared on your FB wall. (an AJAX coding issue)

BIG TIP: Also make sure that in the file names are no spaces in the URL/links name becuse Facebook just wont understand it and it wont work correctly, so when searching for a mp3 or naming one yourself before posting online, make sure you do not leave any empty spaces in the links/name to the file. 

If you need help finding the free MP3 Hotlinks then keep reading below for my tips to learn more.

You can try out my little FB Hack while you read this now by searching for your MP3 Hot Link/URL at one of my favorite sites for finding music already hosted online named BeeMP3 http://beemp3.com. It’s a great site for finding hosted music for free.

BlotterMonkey's MP3 Facebook Hack

..or you can Copy & Paste this example URL: http://dimaxfilms.clan.su/sektorgaza/mp3/originaly/Yes-Owner_of_a_Lonely_Heart_-_DEVUSHKA-2proigrysh.mp3  directly onto your FB wall like I explained above to get your hack on. once you do it yourself, you will catch on to how easy it is.

More Helping Answers:

Having trouble?

  • Can’t find your songs online as a streaming MP3?
  • Can only find the song of your liking in a video or on Youtube online?
  • Having trouble knowing where to upload your own MP3’s to use online?
    (So many storage sites boasting they will let you upload your files or even MP3’s free but they wont let you hotlink your MP3’s to share, hogging all their bandwidth to themselves or for only paid users.)

Then I have some great news for you:

  • Kiwi6 http://kiwi6.com -When you already have your MP3 songs and need to get them online to stream.This cool little site will let you hotlink your MP3’s Free where other hosting sites wont.
  • ListenToYouTube.com http://www.listentoyoutube.com -When you can only find your song online in a video format or on YouTube and you want to strip the music from the video into a MP3 to download.
  • Find the most obscure music online by using a good ole’ “Google Search Hack”

What to do if you can only find your song on YouTube but don’t want to share the big clunky video on your wall?
Go to ListenToYouTube.com http://www.listentoyoutube.com or the new http://kiwi6.com and paste your YouTube Video Link (the ‘Share video’ Link/URL) & follow the directions for the rest. It will strip the music from the video turning it into an MP3 fast & free to download…

After you strip the mp3 song and downloaded it for yourself from the YouTube video you want at http://www.listentoyoutube.com or http://kiwi6.com,
You can then upload your MP3’s onto a site that allows “HotLinking” example: Kiwi6 http://kiwi6.com for Free and get the hot links you need to share on Facebook, or any other streaming online needs you may have.
REMEMBER : Fb is finicky and so when you have a chance, make sure to rename your songs with NO SPACES!

Now you can Copy & Paste the Hotlinks into Facebook wall to share your favorite songs with your friends without clunky videos in the way!

-Robert Wilkinson ( Blottermonkey )

AlmostHumor Facebook Quickie:

Facebook Chat Hack: Bold and Underline

How do you Bold in Facebook Chat?

It’s super simple! You just put a star * before and after * the text you want bold.

Example: In Facebook Chat try typing…

This is a *Bold Test* .

In the Facebook chat window. You’ll notice that your Bold Test is bold.

How do you underline in Facebook Chat?

This is also very simple. You just place a _before and after_ what you want to be underlined.

Example: In Facebook Chat try typing…

This is a _underline test_ .

In the Facebook chat window. You’ll notice that your Underline Test is underlined.

Not much more to it folks, it’s just that simple!

How do you bold and underline in Facebook Chat?

The final test is to see if you can do both at the same time!

If you got the hang of bold and underlining why not try to do both
at the same time. Guess what, it’s pretty darn easy! You just combine
the both of the lessons you just learned.


This would be _*Bold and underlined*_

In chat that would appear as: This would be Bold and Underlined.

Warning: It doesn’t work the other way around… so don’t try *_this_* , the bold star always has to come second to the underline.