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Kid Mode – Firefox for Kids : Add-ons for Firefox

26 Jun

Kid Mode – Firefox for Kids :: Add-ons for Firefox. – https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/zoodles-kid-mode-for-firefox/

Kid Mode – Firefox for Kids 2.3

When your kids want to play online, put Firefox into Kid Mode! Protect your computer and delight your kid with a safe environment that’s filled with fun and learning. Zoodles Kid Mode makes it easy for kids 8 and under to independently play online.

Finally, kids have a way to play independently online! http://www.zoodles.com

This award-winning app by Zoodles puts Firefox into Kid Mode and gives kids 8 and under hundreds of fun, educational games and activities that they can easily navigate all by themselves! We customize every child’s playground to their age and skill level, so the games change as they grow. The interface is easy to use for kids of all ages, even those who can’t read or type!

Additional free features include:

✓ An Art Studio where your child can be creative!
✓ Beautifully illustrated storybooks that can be read and recorded by family members
✓ A Video Mail center where family members can exchange video messages and keep in touch!

For parents who want more control over their kids’ Zoodles experience, they can go to http://www.Zoodles.com/parent to promote subjects, block unwanted games, or add in their own favorites. Zoodles Kid Mode is always free, but parents who want these additional parental controls must subscribe to a paid Premium membership which also includes violence filtering and detailed activity reports on what their kids have been playing and learning on Zoodles.

NOTE: Once you install the add-on, click the blue Z in your Firefox toolbar any time your kids want to play!