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User Experience Videos That Are Worth Your Time (Re-blog)

9 Jan UX

User Experience Videos That Are Worth Your Time (Re-Blog)

Get a refresher course list (or learn new) – these are a great place to focus on UX-User Experience development..

Rub Link: User Experience Videos That Are Worth Your Time  http://bit.ly/1dheEMc

Get a refresher course list (or learn new) – these are a great place to focus on UX-User Experience development..
presenting here phenomenal videos and related resources on the topic of user experience (UX) by different presenters at different events. We have focused on current content but have included some older videos that are still relevant. It will take you more than 16 hours to watch all of these videos. So, make some popcorn, turn off the lights and enjoy.


BONUS! RUB PIC FOR> 32 UX Posts to Hit Your Conversion Targets

BONUS LINK: 32 UX Posts to Hit Your Conversion Targets http://bit.ly/1dhbIz2


Disaster response psychology needs to change

15 May

This reminds me of the story I was told as a child I refer to as “Saving fish from drowning”
( I don’t remember the parable word for word & haven’t found it on the internet yet)
But it went something like this, if I can portray it well enough for you in a short version:

There was a preacher with a heart of gold who was traveling to save the world.
He had never seen the beach until one day he found himself at the shore…

Later they found him at the beach in a panic surrounded with dead fish lying everywhere on the shore.
When they asked him what was happening, he frantically exclaimed he had found all these fish drowning in the ocean.
He keeps pulling them out of the water & they are still alive gasping for air when he gets to them and places them safely out of the water so they can breath.
But sadly every-time he is just a little too late because they all keep dying..

He says help me, help me save these fish from drowning! there must be thousands of them..

I think you get the idea & I would love the parable if anyone has/knows it.
Sometimes the best intentions can be the most harmful instead of helpful.

Understanding is key.

– BlotterMonkey (RW)

Mind Hacks

Photo by Flickr user flyingjournals. Click for source.I’ve got an article in today’s Observer about how disaster response mental health services are often based on the erroneous assumption that everyone needs ‘treatment’ and often rely on single-session counselling sessions which may do more harm than good.

Unfortunately, the article has been given a rather misleading headline (‘Minds traumatised by disaster heal themselves without therapy’) which suggests that mental health services are not needed. This is not the case and this is not what the article says.

What it does say is that the common idea of disaster response is that everyone affected by the tragedy will need help from mental health professionals when only a minority will.

It also says that aid agencies often use single-session counselling sessions which have been found to raise the risk of long-term mental health problems. This stems from a understandable desire to ‘do something’ but this motivation is not enough to…

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How To Get Your Plus Profile’s Vanity Name

15 Mar

How To: Get Your Google Plus Profile’s Vanity Name/URL:

(This Social Media Tip is beneficial for many Social Media Marketers, Brand Identity Companies, and of course the everyday Personal Users as well) 

Hi Kids. If you’re like me, you may have been a little disappointed about your G Plus profile’s link/URL.
And even maybe a little confused as to how to share your profile with all those ugly numbers for your URL and no place telling you how to identify you in the url on the profile settings.
So I did some research and found out some nice answers to help this problem.

This is especially annoying if you are a company or self brand because you most definitely want to use your Identity Brand Name or even your Personal Identity for your URL like Facebook has allowed and website name-servers.

In short, you want a ‘Vanity Name for your Plus Profile’. One that will to fit nicely into your Brand’s Identity to share what or who you are. I thought about making my own original URL myself on a web server and just making a fast redirect to my Google profile  that I could share with others, one that is nice & simple….and then I thought about maybe starting it as a service for others I know with the same desire…BUT then I found that someone already has! Thank Glob I dont have to do it myself! And so I thought it was about time since I was taking the day off, to share this tip with people who may not know about this.

So I am going to help a brother(or sister) out and tell you how you can easily claim your google plus profile vanity URL. UN-Like Facebook, Google plus currently does not support vanity urls. Just like pic below shows below:

In Facebook, we had an option to choose our own custom usernames.Google Plus currently shows a long numeric string of digits as our Plus profile URL which looks very ugly and our friends can’t even track us with that lengthy mash of numbers for a URL.
( Rub Here! on how to get your name in Facebook if you haven’t already)

So now there’s a crapload of applications for just this problem. Is “Crapload” one word? idk? doesn’t really matter I guess. Anyways, Yes, since the release of Google+ many apps have been setup and are competing over which of them can manage to register the most number of your G+ URL’s. So I’ve listed here the main ones.

Ok, I bet your ready to get started so here I go with the goods:

So here’s the list of services for you to choose from, just pick any url changing service. The only thing difference  about these options is their name’s, they all do the same thing.

The deal is simple. Simply visit your preferred site from the list above, enter your Google+ ID i.e. (JUST the numeric string of numbers) and then type in your Brand Name (or nickname for personal users) that you wish to assign as your google plus profile’s vanity URL. And then click Add.

Finally you get a nice looking URL that you can be proud of & share with you clients, colleagues, and friends. When your clients or friends click that link, they will ‘instantaneously’ get redirected to your google profile page and no one else is the wiser!

Sweet!, now you have your own sweet looking(or professional) Plus Profile Vanity URL right?!
Just like mine right here:
Before: https://plus.google.com/103718461397854296745/ 
After: http://gplus.to/blottermonkey

As you may notice I happen to use http://gplus.to but they all do the same thing, I just happen to like their name for my URL most. So take a minute and decide which company’s URL/name you would like best for YOUR URL Vanity name before your own?! if that made any sense. 

TIP:  if you ever forget your URL later they have the option to find it again for you, but more than likely it’s just your nickname added to the end of the company’s URL you used like example:  ” Blottermonkey” to http://gplus.to/ would be http://gplus.to/blottermonkey 

BTW: These services are not a product from Google. They are third-party applications that allows you to set a custom Google+/ Plus username/Vanity URL. Google+ will soon bring the vanity URL feature so keep your eye out when it comes. But until then, you now have options.


Blottermonkey’s FaceBook Cover Art Ps Template

15 Mar

Blottermonkey’s FaceBook Cover Art Ps Template



I put together a simplified Fb cover art template for Ps from other parts that I use for myself and tweaked it for sharing with others and so now i’m sharing it with all of you — This one should be easy enough for just about any level of Ps user to handle.

I endowed it with self revealing directions and steps where possible.
…plus I added the “Profile pic hack” Tips for help if you want interaction with your profile picture and the cover art, along with size tips along to help.
Here is the Folders:

I did what I could to simplify it for people of all (Ps) PhotoShop levels and set up slices, rulers and even place layers w instructions..

So hopefully it will make it fast and easy for you…
After opening choose to File/ ‘Place’ whatever picture you want into the template and size the area you want to show in the cover art layer to match size and shape that you desire, then select the correct slice to save for web and you will have your cover art.

  TIP: [Remember the slices tool] be sure to select the cover art slice before ‘save for web’, and ‘Selected Slices only‘ option to save time getting the artwork slice only, then repeat for the profile pic if want.. At worse you will save all parts & grab the one you want later. no biggie even for all levels of users.

  I put the slices in place but you can remake them if want to cover shape(cover area is self evident), you just have to select the correct slices before saving to get the right size and not end up saving everything else.

Here are some links for inspiration and tips: [Never forget to google 4tips or sizes whn lost]

UPDATE! FaceBook Pages: If you’re starting, revamping, or just thinking about a Fb Page for a Company, Fans, or anything crazy..
You’ll be interested in my Must Have Tips for Facebook Pages!

Make sure you drop by ‘Tips for Successful Facebook Timeline Fan Page Design'(Try to Say that fast!)

Back to Original Post!

I hope this helps.. For Pro Designers, Novice Art lovers, Do-It-Yourself-rs, anyone who wants more power over Fb design choices..


Cure for Cancer: We Already Have a Cure For Cancer…

7 Mar

We Already Have a Cure For Cancer… So why didn’t you know about it? 

“WHAT You Say?!”
“There’s already a cure for cancer?”

(This Almosthumor post is to help bring informed awareness about this very real cure for cancer and to give you the link trails to help loved ones in a war with cancer now to find how to get treated with the Kanzius Machine)

Q? What happens when someone actually does cure cancer? Think about that for a minute. Think how large the cash making industry is based on cancer. The Money spending on & from the people inflicted with Cancer to the money spending on the ‘Research” & Gov funding on the subject of Cancer. Will the Medical Community recognize openly when it is cured? What if it isn’t cured through a synthetic drug they can make billions from?
Will the government openly recognize the answers even if they aren’t the synthetic answers they backed with their ..sorry ‘our’ money?
I don’t mean to sound like one of those conspiracy theorist, but I honestly don’t see any scientific reason why EVERY Dr office in the US and abroad doesn’t have one of these machines already..unless you count industry greed as a scientific reason.

A Cure that doesn’t require cutting into you and NO RADIATION Treatment..
A Cure that doesn’t matter what KIND of cancer you have either? So why haven’t YOU heard about this yet?
Because it’s not synthetic and we’re sunk into billions of Dollars into this area of research & marketing. And a cure actually throws a stick into the wheels of the cancer money machine
…so you may never have found out about using these three new technologies together for curing cancer, if I didn’t share this?
Let me guess, you NEVER heard of the Kanzius Machine before… or of this non invasive trinity of new technology that can serve man to rid our carbon based bio masses of cancer all together with a scan and no side effects.
But you wouldn’t have probably found out until your life depended on it and was doing some serious cancer researching and that’s hoping you didn’t get lost in the thousands of homeopathic remedies among thousands of false cures and quacks and then was too sick from chemo to lift your head to read thru the scientific words you have no idea to the meaning of in search of how this can help you!

OK, Back to informing you on this cure-all for cancer using three new scientific breakthroughs:

Ok, to get a better idea of what we are talking about and the extraordinary story behind how this was all discovered and a man with no formal training stepped onto the key to putting together cure for cancer (even though his wife thought he lost his mind) you must go ahead and watch the show to get caught up.

So sit back, make the video full screen and take a min to watch this video, and then come back to this page to find out how YOU can get help and support growing awareness.

60min’s Episode on the Kanzius Machine & Cancer Cure 

60 Minute’s Show [VIDEO] Part 1 of 2

60 Minutes Show [VIDEO] Part 2 of 2

UPDATE: After sharing this research with scientific papers & links in Nano-tech years ago a lot has grown in the effort to grow awareness in this effort and even made a Fb page to help, so I’ve tried to compile the links to answers in this post below for you to easily share what I have found.
– Robert Wilkinson [BlotterMonkey]

More on the subject:

Lets break this down into 3 parts to understand it best

  1. Nanotechnology (NanoBots)
  2. breakthrough in finding THE unique bio signature that ALL cancer cells have.
  3. The Kanzius Machine ( Biologically safe radio waves that heats ONLY metals)

When these three are placed together we have a Non-invasive Methods to Treat Cancer!  

Links to the Videos & more. Watch this 60minutes episode on the subject and learn more:

A simplified explanation

Behind this most amazing & interesting story: 

A man who just happens to be placed close to the child cancer ward in the hospital & found a new dream:
Armed with only his creative engineering abilities and his new to help the children surprised his unbelieving wife and the WORLD by creating a machine that will heat select metal molecules and not bio material or tissues.

A scientific find of the century that allows us to traces and find cancer’s unique micro bio signature, AND the nano technology finally puts the two together with a promise to trace and find cancer cells using nano-bots, attached to those cancer cells, then the machine will heat only the special cancer seeking nanobots. (Cancer hugging nano-bots attached to only the cancer cells heat up and destroy ONLY the cancer at each cell level leaving all living surrounding tissue perfectly untouched.)

Example:  This means a someone with inoperable brain cancer can get a shot of nano bots that scour her body looking for the cancer,.. The Nano-bots will locate then ”hug” or more like “attach” to the cancer at the cell’s level. After Cancer is found and attached she can get scanned by the “radio machine” that will heat and destroy ONLY the Cancer cells and nano-bots attached leaving her CANCER FREE WITHOUT SURGERY or radioactive treatments, virtually side effect free.
These radio waves wont heat or harm any bio materials so the nanobots are the tiny hugging grills that cook the cancer cells gone..leaving remanding tissues completely safe & intact.

“This technology may allow us to treat just about any kind of cancer you can imagine,” Dr. Curley told Stahl. “I’ve gotta tell you, in 20 years of research this is the most exciting thing that I’ve encountered.”

Last I read they are in human treatment stages with the hopes of curing and I repeat curing ALL CANCER!

After you watch the video ( CBS NEWS Video: The Kanzius Machine: A Cancer Cure? ) take a look next to the story: http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-18560_162-4006951.html

This segment was originally broadcast on April 13, 2008. It was updated on July 16, 2008.

What if we told you that a guy with no background in science or medicine – not even a college degree – has come up with what may be one of the most promising breakthroughs in cancer research in years?

Well it’s true, and if you think it sounds improbable, consider this: he did it with his wife’s pie pans and hot dogs.

His name is John Kanzius, and as correspondent Lesley Stahl first reported last April, he’s a former businessman and radio technician who built a radio wave machine that has cancer researchers so enthusiastic about its potential they’re pouring money and effort into testing it out.

Here’s the important part: if clinical trials pan out – and there’s still a long way to go – the Kanzius machine will zap cancer cells all through your body without the need for drugs or surgery and without side effects. None at all. At least that’s the idea.

The last thing John Kanzius thought he’d ever do was try to cure cancer. A former radio and television executive from Pennsylvania, he came to Florida to enjoy his retirement.

“I have no business being in the cancer business. It’s not something that a layman like me should be in, it should be left to doctors and research people,” he told Stahl.

“But sometimes it takes an outsider,” Stahl remarked.

“Sometimes it just – maybe you get lucky,” Kanzius replied.

It was the worst kind of luck that gave Kanzius the idea to use radio waves to kill cancer cells: six years ago, he was diagnosed with terminal leukemia and since then has undergone 36 rounds of toxic chemotherapy. But it wasn’t his own condition that motivated him, it was looking into the hollow eyes of sick children on the cancer ward at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

“I saw the smiles of youth and saw their spirits were broken. And you could see that they were sort of asking, ‘Why can’t they do something for me?'” Kanzius told Stahl.

“So they started to haunt you. The children,” Stahl asked.
“Their faces. I still remember them holding on their Teddy bears and so forth,” he replied. “And shortly after that I started my own chemotherapy, my third round of chemotherapy.”

Kanzius told Stahl the chemotherapy made him very sick and that he couldn’t sleep at night. “And I said, ‘There’s gotta be a better way to treat cancer.'”

It was during one of those sleepless nights that the light bulb went off. When he was young, Kanzius was one of those kids who built radios from scratch, so he knew the hidden power of radio waves. Sick from chemo, he got out of bed, went to the kitchen, and started to build a radio wave machine.

“Started looking in the cupboard and I saw pie pans and I said, ‘These are perfect. I can modify these,'” he recalled.

His wife Marianne woke up that night to a lot of banging and clamoring. “I was concerned truthfully that he had lost it,” she told Stahl.

“She felt sorry for me,” Kanzius added.

“I did,” Marianne Kanzius acknowledged. “And I had mentioned to him, ‘Honey, the doctors can’t-you know, find an answer to cancer. How can you think that you can?'”

That’s what 60 Minutes wanted to know, so Stahl went to his garage laboratory to find out.

Here’s how it works: one box sends radio waves over to the other, creating enough energy to activate gas in a fluorescent light. Kanzius put his hand in the field to demonstrate that radio waves are harmless to humans.

“So right from the beginning you’re trying to show that radio waves could activate gas and not harm the human-anything else,” Stahl remarked. “‘Cause you’re looking for some kind of a treatment with no side effects, that’s what’s in your head.”

“No side effects,” Kanzius replied.

GOTO – http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-18560_162-4006951.html To read the REST of this very -very interesting story & watch the CBS NEWS Video: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4012508n 

Spread the Wave

We want everyone to know about the Kanzius Non-invasive Radio Wave Cancer Treatment and the amazing results that are being reported from the research labs. We need your help to get the word out….so we are asking you to Spread the Wave to every one you know. Use your Facebook page, your MySpace profile and any other social networking skills that you may have.

As you begin your planning, we ask that you use the name of your organization or event in your publicity, and not the Kanzius name or logo in the title, as we reserve those rights for our sponsored events. But please feel free to state that proceeds will go to the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation.

Be A Volunteer

Plan a Fundraiser…No matter how small or large, every dollar helps with research, and every event raises awareness. Plan a neighborhood event, stage a craft show, work with a local sports team or youth activity…be creative. Check out other events on our web pages in the Events Category, read our planning guidelines, and register today.

Journey to Human Trials

Each and every day, the promise of finding a better way to treat cancer fuels the focus and tenacity of the Kanzius RF Laboratory team.

Clinical trials conducted by Dr. Stephen Curley at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and Dr. David Geller at The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh have yielded promising progress over the past four years. The Kanzius device is working! To download copies of published industry manuscripts,click here.

While initial clinical trials to validate effectiveness, consistency, and safety continue, work is also under way on schematics for a “human-sized” device. All indications lead us to believe that we will begin testing on this larger device by the end of this year. Once in operation, the research teams will need to demonstrate at least two years of successful clinical trials to seek FDA approval to begin the Phase I Human Trials.

Moving forward with cautious optimism, the Kanzius RF Laboratory team indicates that a best-case scenario could result in human trials within the next three years.

As with much medical research, funding is critical to ensuring the necessary staff and resources. Ongoing support and generosity are essential to our progress. Please donate now or contact the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation to learn more.

[Via Journey to Human Trials – http://www.kanziuscancerresearch.org/research by The Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation]

Bonus Resources & Links:

View Our Gift Shop (support awareness)

http://www.kanziuscancerresearch.org/spread_the_wave/gift_shop/beach_glass_pendant/Beach Glass Pendant

PURCHASE A COMMUNITY FOR KANZIUS PENDANT Buy a custom designed beach glass pendant to wear yourself or give to a loved one to show your support for… Read more »

Be A Virtual Volunteer! Spread The Wave

(Become a volunteer &/or help with spreading the word on Social Media!)


Please add any more info or questions to share with others on the subject in the comments section, So those at war w cancer or who are looking for alternatives or leads for others w cancer may be able to use something you know in their efforts to survive and live happy healthy lives without radiation treatments or for inoperable cancers.
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What the hell is Adobe CQ5?

19 Jan

What is Adobe CQ5 & how can it help me?

OK here is the quick skinny on Adobe CQ5 and how web content management system applications may be able to help you.

Adobe Communique 5, or CQ5, is a large-scale Web Content Management System or (WCM or WCMS) that is currently available from Adobe Systems (the makers of the well known Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator & the new Edge).

CQ was originally developed by Swiss company Day Software, the CQ platform changed hands when Adobe acquired Day in October 2010…and you will still some job requirements or boss shopping lists asking for experience in ‘Day CQ’ , if not the latest Adobe CQ5.

Adobe CQ5 is geared specifically for large companies and corporations with substantial -and often global- infrastructures. It combines web content management, digital asset management, and the social collaboration to deliver a solution that allows large companies to manage incredible amounts of information, multiple internal and external websites, a myriad of media assets, and detailed workflow.

Several of CQ5′s key benefits include:

  • Significant control over brand presentation
  • The reuse of templates and components while maintaining a unique look & feel(one of my favorites when doing  WCM myself)
  • Substantial reduction in organizational training costs
  • Adobe also contributes significant resources to the open source community, with over 12 Apache and 25 open source projects currently underway.
  • Some notable companies that use the Adobe CQ5 platform include General Motors, McDonald’s, Kodak, Volkswagen, Audi, and NBC Universal.

Here is a video with some quick answers about Adobe CQ5:

more info & sites about CQ5:

BlotterMonkey Bonus Whitepaper!

The 21st-century CMO: How digital marketing is driving organization transformation

Taking full ownership of customer experience management

“Today’s 21st-century CMOs are pursuing digital marketing across a large number of channels simultaneously.
As they do, they leverage the capabilities inherent in next-generation web content management (WCM)
This paper highlights the advances in closed-loop marketing that enable measurement and optimization of
digital marketing efforts. It also describes the challenges that CMOs face when pursuing digital marketing
strategies and how next-generation WCM solutions help CMOs overcome those challenges.

CQ5 Web Content Management from Adobe White Paper: 12112_Day_21st_Century_WP_ue_v6.pdf

Please leave your tips and more in the comments below,

Feel free to contact me if you would like to personally learn more about how WCM & I can help you & your content management.
Don’t forget to find me & connect starting with http://www.linkedin.com/in/socialmarketingevents
http://xeeme.com/Blottermonkey & http://en.gravatar.com/blottermonkey

HUGE Compilation of Photoshop Brushes | blueblots.com

7 Aug

Huge Compilation of Photoshop Brushes

Just an Almost Humor’s PS Quickie today folks –

There are many free Photoshop brushes available on the internet today. However, this list will just be showcasing high resolution vector Photoshop brushes which you can download for free!

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, these brushes could still help you in adding more effects and style to your designs…

Here is Blueblots.com list of Vector Photoshop Brushes that you can use to enhance a simple design or artwork. Make use of them, I know I will!

Come take a look and get downloading!



Make sure to posts links to your work after you use them here!