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The job seeker

22 Oct

I know just how stressful it is looking for a new position in these hard times and the interviews can sometimes drive you crazy … Literally

So I thought this might cheer some of you up. Give you something to take that edge off for your next interview.

Be happy, at least you’re not THIS guy!

[Video HardLink –  ]

[Video HardLink – ]

Be sure to post your Interview or Interviewer blunders in the comments section! 


Get Your Twitter archive [Useful Overlooked Info]

9 Jun

Reblogged | Overlooked Info: Get Your Twitter archive | Twitter Blog. “UPDATED”

  If you tweet, then at some point you will found yourself wanting to go back in time and explore your past Tweets. Maybe you wanted to recall your reaction to the an election, reminisce on what you said to your partner on your anniversary or breakup, or just find your funniest past Tweets. We all at some point for many different reasons, would like to explore our Twitter past.

  Yes, there are many ‘twitter search engines‘ boasting to help find your old tweets easily but not one has worked well enough for me…or even been any less painful than scrolling 4+yrs back manually on my own..
So hopefully you will find today’s Reblogged/Post to have as much value as I have. Easily get and access your own Twitter Archive.

Ok, So here’s how you do it:

Today, we’re introducing the ability to download your Twitter archive, so you’ll get all your Tweets (including Retweets) going back to the beginning. Once you have your Twitter archive, you can view your Tweets by month, or search your archive to find Tweets with certain words, phrases, hashtags or @usernames. You can even engage with your old Tweets just as you would with current ones.

Go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom to check for the option to request your Twitter archive. If you do see it, go ahead and click the button. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access your archive when it’s ready for you to download.

After you get the .zip file sent in your email:

unzip/ and click open the “index.html” file


And it will open in your default browser just like a webpage. You now have the power to select what year & month & scroll to find tweets from your past.


if you plan to keep the unzipped folder in place on your hardrive (& aren’t afraid of prying eyes) go ahead and bookmark the the page in your browser for later use.

Goto the original post to read the rest. Rub Here>

As you go through all of your Tweets, share your favorites using #TwitterArchive.

ReBlogged: Via Original Post ~ Your Twitter archive|Twitter Blog | Wednesday, December 19, 2012 | By Mollie Vandor (@mollie)

Share Facebook Statuses Easily With Status Snapper

25 May

Re-Blog: Share Facebook Statuses Easily With Status Snapper. 

Share Facebook Statuses Easily With Status Snapper | [Honhkiat]

Want to share a funny Facebook status but don’t want the profile picture or name revealed in the shot? Many users use colors to blot out the details, sometimes making a mess out of the image. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make this treatment as fast and as painless as possible?

We have found a handy Chrome extension called Status Snapper which not only helps you automatically blur out the profile picture and name, but also lets you capture and upload images up to Imgur without having to open up any other side applications…

Read Here to learn how to use it! 

after adding the Chrome Extension/
I turned this Facebook post


Into this … So it’s so easy it also already hosted itself online for me to share!
2 clicks & done and done!

Check it out more here: Share Facebook Statuses Easily With Status Snapper | [Honhkiat]

Disaster response psychology needs to change

15 May

This reminds me of the story I was told as a child I refer to as “Saving fish from drowning”
( I don’t remember the parable word for word & haven’t found it on the internet yet)
But it went something like this, if I can portray it well enough for you in a short version:

There was a preacher with a heart of gold who was traveling to save the world.
He had never seen the beach until one day he found himself at the shore…

Later they found him at the beach in a panic surrounded with dead fish lying everywhere on the shore.
When they asked him what was happening, he frantically exclaimed he had found all these fish drowning in the ocean.
He keeps pulling them out of the water & they are still alive gasping for air when he gets to them and places them safely out of the water so they can breath.
But sadly every-time he is just a little too late because they all keep dying..

He says help me, help me save these fish from drowning! there must be thousands of them..

I think you get the idea & I would love the parable if anyone has/knows it.
Sometimes the best intentions can be the most harmful instead of helpful.

Understanding is key.

– BlotterMonkey (RW)

Mind Hacks

Photo by Flickr user flyingjournals. Click for source.I’ve got an article in today’s Observer about how disaster response mental health services are often based on the erroneous assumption that everyone needs ‘treatment’ and often rely on single-session counselling sessions which may do more harm than good.

Unfortunately, the article has been given a rather misleading headline (‘Minds traumatised by disaster heal themselves without therapy’) which suggests that mental health services are not needed. This is not the case and this is not what the article says.

What it does say is that the common idea of disaster response is that everyone affected by the tragedy will need help from mental health professionals when only a minority will.

It also says that aid agencies often use single-session counselling sessions which have been found to raise the risk of long-term mental health problems. This stems from a understandable desire to ‘do something’ but this motivation is not enough to…

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