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Hi, I’m Robert Wilkinson (also Known as BlotterMonkey) and I write Almost humor.

As the founder and editor of AlmostHumor I aim to help the average person learn how to “Life Hack” or hack life in ways to save time & money or explore new options in different ways than before.

I started AlmostHumor in 2009 to use for storing & sharing my How-To-Notes for my family and friends most of all. It ‘s the best way I came up to help using visual answers to repeated questions on today’s tech savvy world. Prior to being a Father and full time Information Architect–Web Development Consultant, I was a  Graphic Designer, And I also spent over twelve years as an Executive, working as Event Coordinator for corporate & non-profit organizations, and running my own web design company Invetro Design on the side.

Favorite Quotes: “People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within..”

I see life very differently after surviving a near mortal accident that left me partially paralyzed by severing my L5-S1 of my spine, and I spent many years unable to walk and with chronic pain. Not taking “NO” for any answer, I was blessed enough to finally find a surgeon after years who used an experimental surgery on me thus giving the total use of my legs back. With 2 years of healing, relearning to walk, and total physical rehabilitation under my belt, I am better than ever and ready for life to the fullest.
(Skip down below to “MY STORY” to get to my personal Story) 

Almost Humor is a blog about Life and ways to Hack it to have more time for fun.

As I stumble thru this life with silly wit, my strange humor and my love for learning technology, I find myself often wishing I had a roadmap. But far too often I am white-knuckled to the leading edge and wisdom comes way to often too little & too late. So I have started keeping notes as I go also known as “Life Hacks” that I think are worth sharing with others to save them from the same stumbles. Life Hacking subjects include Free Tips on: social media, website design, home networking, home theater, graphic design, easy ways to save time and money on just about anything.

I’m also a lover of Creative Comic Relief and enjoy participating as a “Sit-Down Comic” as a hobby. I find it serves to keep my writing wit and content development creatively in flow. Feel free to visit some of my Awards & “Best Of’ BlotterMonkey” Here! I’m also an awarded Klout “Pundit’ in Content Development 

To contact Robert Wilkinson goto his LinkedIn Profile to learn more http://www.linkedin.com/in/socialmarketingevents

Stalk him online at http://en.gravatar.com/blottermonkey and follow him on Twitter at @BlotterMonkey

About Me: My Story, the Man, the Survivor, the Artist & Information Architect, and now the Walking… no, The Running Success.

The My Story, My Success! 

 I was in a life threatening accident that partially severed my L5-S1 of my lower spinal cord. I was unable to walk without help and was told I would never walk again without help if at all. And that was the professional opinion of my future.

Although I heard them, my heart would not listen and I continued physical therapy. After being turned down by 11 surgeons across the US (they all feared they would only make things worse), I found one who was cowboy enough who wanted to try an experimental surgery.

Robert Wilkinson

Robert Wilkinson

Because I was young, had the right attitude,  and had no prior spinal surgeries; I was a prime candidate for the experiment surgery. We immediately put together a rock solid team of 5 top specialists in their own fields, and after much, much hard work on ALL sides, I got the use of my legs and the chance at a new beginning of my new life.

 After 3 major surgeries, bone marrow transplant, reinforced disc bolts, and relearning to walk & build strength over the muscle atrophy, No one who doesn’t already know can ever tell I ever was hurt.

I now stand and walk before you with my head held high, and even running around playing ball with my 8yr old son!

 I don’t have to tell you just how drastic my life changed, or the large list of people and worldly gains I took for granted, that fell away from me & my life as my life was shaken so drastically from all this. My attitude was strong & positive ‘most‘ of the time and while around others. But I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t admit to having some nights filled with doubt and self pitied pain. It was as if my soul was turned inside out and putting myself back together was too far away to reach some nights.

 My story could be a sad one if I let it, or if someone else was telling you all I lost along the way, my home, my marriage, my job, wayward friends, my money & retirement, and even a new love along the way that proved to be less than true…even losing my dignity when I needed help from another but didn’t always have someone.

But since I’m still alive & walking, I’m telling my story as I see fit; As a success story.

 Now after 2 years of full time physical therapy I am fitter and stronger than the average Man. I don’t have to go into the details to explain just how devastated my personal life had become by this time & how I had survived by taking on small & remote projects while working to get my strength back simultaneously as I struggled through physically.

 I refused disability foreseeing my return to life & career with high hopes, and so life required me to adapt & continue working ‘remotely’ & as a PM or project consultant for online campaigns of all sizes. I continued my work and my studies within my passion & profession of ‘Information Architecture’.

 I now have the unique chance to re-write my life better than ever! I am completely starting my life over personally and have the wisdom & solid heart to take me there. I am proud to announce that I have no notable or debilitating complications from my accident or the surgery.

 As I mentioned, I did refuse disability & now my desire is to finish my story with a happy ending by getting back into the work force full time. I’m looking for the right fit for me in a long-term position.

 I’ve overcome the challenge of being told I could never walk again. Now I am up to the challenge of finding a position where I can once again prove my abilities and strengths for a company long term.

You will never find a more loyal & dedicated Information Architect & creative PM than you will find in me. I am extremely adaptable and have multiple talents in many areas. Whether I am working as a PM, Information Architect, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Manager, Marketing admin, or a mix of them all, I bring nothing but my best to every situation.

 With my MANY skills in Information Architecture; Web & Graphic Arts/ Design & Development, Online Brand & Identity Development, Frameworks, And with my 12+ yrs of wisdom on all the elements it takes for a successful online business campaign.

It’s only a matter of time before someone smart swoops in and grabs me up for their secret weapon to success as usual.


Robert Wilkinson [BlotterMonkey] 

Contact me from http://www.linkedin.com/in/socialmarketingevents 

Link to the off-blog story http://bit.ly/RW-Story 


I have been getting many inquiries or I should say lots of ‘requests‘ really, 

( e.g.: http://t.co/APUNxOgT ) to write more about my life & over coming against the odds yet still going forward and never giving up.. and to turn my life into a book or books to inspire others during their hard times…

And all who know me know I’m passionate about helping others & volunteering to lift others up with your own strengths where possible, So I will give it a shot and start by updating my story and maybe even open samples to the public as I write on one of my blogs..

I will figure out a way to organize & learn about writing stories/books as I go. 

So please list any help or your thoughts of encouragement in the comments section below if you know of any helpful tech, apps, lifehacks, tips, or companies, and advice..!

Passionate. User Experience Artist. Strategy Agent. Information Architect. 

Information Architect, User Experience Artist, and Tech Geek at heart, with a passion for Brand Identity Campaigns and solid quality Content Management & Development. 

Robert is an: Information Architect & Creative Developer, w over a decade’s

industry experience in web development, event coordination, social media

strategies, And online identity & brand development.

His work focuses on creating innovative user focused experiences. He’s passionate about quality User Experience and solid CMS. As PM he’s lead, designed, and managed dozens of company UI’s, websites, micro-sites and Online Brand Identity Campaigns.

With Diet Coke running through his veins, he enthusiastically battles each day, 20 projects at a time.

PS: If you are interested in hiring me or just need some personal help with any subjects mentions below or more, feel free to ask me questions or for help.

  • Creating an online campaign, 
  • Help or direction with a personal online strategy to turn around a negative online identity or personal reputation/online smear , or online name damage.. I know how to counter & repair Negative online ID quickly & offer wise guidance as well. 
  • How to turn around bad online publicity of your name, identity or brand, 
  • online business or need advice in SEO, WebCMS, PM, UX, IA, etc..
  • Whether you’re starting, repairing, or attacking, I’m YOUR MAN!

Who Am I?

I am Robert Wilkinson But online I am also known as “BlotterMonkey” …and in the earlier years the Digital Ghost Artist known as “Invetro”.

“I am you; you are me. You are the waves; I am the ocean. Know this and be free, be divine.”

That is why I can relate to you in my blogs. That little bit of you that is me; that is in us all is relatable. That relatable part of us is what I endeavor to share together as you read and learn and teach me as you read and I write Almost Humor. I am one of the people who love the why of things. I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious, and I love to share what I learn in the spirit of joy.

Almost Humor is a blog about Life and ways to Hack it to have more time for biz &  fun.

https://almosthumor.wordpress.com  & https://www.facebook.com/BMSLH – for the ever fun FB fan pg.

Some links & sites just layin around: 



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