What makes an extravert?

30 Jul

NOTE From @BlotterMonkey

Seeing as how often I don’t fit easily into categories and I’m most usually the ‘exception to the rule’, I still like to pay attention to the categories that ‘other people’ gravitate towards so I am aware for communication & interaction when dealing with the people who do fit into categories… it has proven helpful socially & in business for me, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to understand people in general.

But always keep in mind, people are not insects, we (well some)are fluid entities who creatively go out of bounds often when least expected.

– RW (BlotterMonkey) http://gravatar.com/blottermonkey

Mind Hacks

Why do some people prefer adventure and the company of others, while others favour being alone? It’s all to do with how the brain processes rewards.

Will you spend Saturday night in a crowded bar, or curled up with a good book? Is your ideal holiday adventure sports with a large group of mates and, or anywhere more sedate destination with a few good friends? Maybe your answers to these questions are clear – you’d love one option and hate another – or maybe you find yourself somewhere between the two extremes. Whatever your answers, the origin of your feelings may lie in how your brain responds to rewards.

We all exist somewhere on the spectrum between extroverts and introverts, and different circumstances can make us feel more one way or the other. Extraverts, a term popularised by psychologist Carl Jung at the beginning of the 20th Century, seem to…

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