30 Ridiculous Random Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

30 Jul

Note from @BlotterMonkey


Thought Catalog

Do you like to learn? Of course you do. I don’t guarantee that these will change your life, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be happy knowing a random fact to, you know, impress (or one-up your brother) someone. Found on r/TodayILearned.

1. yzerdog

Ikea is owned by a “charitable foundation,” pays only 3.5% tax. (Link)

2. GTech

A man once went to Vegas, turned $50 into $40,000,000, and then promptly lost it all before the end of the year. (Link)

3. pokemon1010

Telling other people your goals makes you less likely to achieve them. If you want to reach them, science says stop talking. (Link)

4. ecstone

Due to the “welfare cliff”, a single mother of two is better off with a $29,000 per year job than she is with a $69,000 per year job. (Link)

5. iCanHelpU2

In 2009, Oklahoman…

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