4 Jun

You need these timeline & app size tips to design a successfully Branded FaceBook Page…
Very Informative & a Great Reference for getting your brands look & page design in control on FaceBook.”
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AlmostHumor By BlotterMonkey

Tips for Successful Facebook Timeline Fan Page Design:

Here’s some Must Have Tips & Tools to reference for a Successful Facebook Timeline Page Design!

Facebook has introduced the new timeline to all Facebook Pages on March 30, 2012. Now, all Facebook Company/Fan Pages have automatically changed to new Facebook Timeline Layouts whether we like it or not. We all know that the superior business leader adapts, So instead of complaining about the change, Take this opportunity to use it for your advantage to renew your Facebook Page Design.. Separate your pages from the wannabes, the unprofessional, and your boring socially dry competitors!

In this post, I have listed some Must Have’s regarding the Facebook Timeline for Fan Pages in order to reference the sizes and outline the design must do tips.

1. New Cover Image for Your Brand

Yes, Facebook Fan Pages do support Fb Cover Image/Cover Art, just like personal profile pages. Be sure to make good use of this much…

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