Don’t forget to enter your new url to the public

23 Mar

New Website, Blog, Feed, Micro-site, Name tag or Landing page?

Here is the much forgotten To-Do list for new URL’s you want public traffic to know about.

 This is mostly for DIY’ers that overlook this because, well lets face it, like many DIY’ers, you thought you could do it all yourself cheaper, well that’s not the best choice unless you do it for a living already, but I cant tell you any different– even with numbers showing that said & done you will more likely spend more in the long run…(that’s a whole other subject)
But I always try to list my help & tips for the noobs to you’re in luck with me around ;0)
I strongly believe Information is power and liberating as many people as I can until someone pays me enough to do otherwise.

OK Back to it shall we?, A few things DIY’s may forget to do after creating websites, micro-sites, new blogs-profiles, pages, feeds, etc..

Google FeedBurner  Don’t forget to Submit URL’s & RSS feeds to the public for traffic:  
Summed up one-stop micro-list for non-noobs:

Now we go onto the reminders/tips: 

If you haven’t then here is a list of things that YOU need to remember after setting up a new Website, Micro-site, Blog, Public Profiles-Landing pages…

  1. After you decide if you would like’  or a custom domain name  and set-up the site/blog:
  2. If you can: Add your selected domain name into Google webmaster tools.(  )
  3. Grab the webmaster tools verification meta data, add it to the head of your Meta Tags/SiteCoding …or ‘Blog’s/Posterous theme’ and adapt to what yours said is best to do in the help.

 You will want to tell the search engines about your new site or page.

Submit RSS Feed URL’s into FeedBurner! 

REMEMBER, it is worth it to set up a Google Webmaster & Analytics Account: 

Don’t forget to add Meta tag‘s for the search engine spiders! 

  • Here is a generator and how to for Un-Coders-
  • For Blogs or WCMS(Web Content Management Service’s like WordPress, Tumbler etc..)
    If you are using a blog site then search google with keywords “how to add meta search tags & keywords to ‘blogs name Here’ ” OR [and always do this first] Check out your blogs site’s help & How-to sections and you will often find the best easy answers to save time for their particular proprietary operation and how THEY set it up for YOU to do all this to serve the REAL webmasters wanting to add goodies for REAL companies to stay competitive w other CMS sites.

For any more I may have missed on the subject, feel free to ask me what I missed or add what you think is important.
I tried to start this with a small important part easy enough for anybody, but I’m looking forward to what you all find important and what subjects are worth going into more details about.


What do YOU think?

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