What the hell is Adobe CQ5?

19 Jan

What is Adobe CQ5 & how can it help me?

OK here is the quick skinny on Adobe CQ5 and how web content management system applications may be able to help you.

Adobe Communique 5, or CQ5, is a large-scale Web Content Management System or (WCM or WCMS) that is currently available from Adobe Systems (the makers of the well known Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator & the new Edge).

CQ was originally developed by Swiss company Day Software, the CQ platform changed hands when Adobe acquired Day in October 2010…and you will still some job requirements or boss shopping lists asking for experience in ‘Day CQ’ , if not the latest Adobe CQ5.

Adobe CQ5 is geared specifically for large companies and corporations with substantial -and often global- infrastructures. It combines web content management, digital asset management, and the social collaboration to deliver a solution that allows large companies to manage incredible amounts of information, multiple internal and external websites, a myriad of media assets, and detailed workflow.

Several of CQ5′s key benefits include:

  • Significant control over brand presentation
  • The reuse of templates and components while maintaining a unique look & feel(one of my favorites when doing  WCM myself)
  • Substantial reduction in organizational training costs
  • Adobe also contributes significant resources to the open source community, with over 12 Apache and 25 open source projects currently underway.
  • Some notable companies that use the Adobe CQ5 platform include General Motors, McDonald’s, Kodak, Volkswagen, Audi, and NBC Universal.

Here is a video with some quick answers about Adobe CQ5:

more info & sites about CQ5:

BlotterMonkey Bonus Whitepaper!

The 21st-century CMO: How digital marketing is driving organization transformation

Taking full ownership of customer experience management

“Today’s 21st-century CMOs are pursuing digital marketing across a large number of channels simultaneously.
As they do, they leverage the capabilities inherent in next-generation web content management (WCM)
This paper highlights the advances in closed-loop marketing that enable measurement and optimization of
digital marketing efforts. It also describes the challenges that CMOs face when pursuing digital marketing
strategies and how next-generation WCM solutions help CMOs overcome those challenges.

CQ5 Web Content Management from Adobe White Paper: 12112_Day_21st_Century_WP_ue_v6.pdf

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